It takes a village, maybe you have heard that saying before?

Most often that phrase is associated with small children, and I do believe with all may heart that the “Village” benefits are both multidimensional and significant.   I’m all for it (.)

Now, let me expand on that thought for just a moment if I may?  For the family elders, for those who just need a little one on one attention to be able to continue to do the things in life that create genuine quality of life.  Being a single parent may a genuine struggle, a spouse of a chronically ill partner or someone who is diagnosed with a chronic/progressive disorder…is another very real village application.

Through the centuries having multi-generational homes served so many different and broad range family support facets.   This is something that either works well for a family or is simply not part of a potential solution.

Please forgive my diversion from fashion, style and more predictable topics today, just need a bit of slack…and then there will be tomorrow.