At the ripe old age of __ (over 55+) I’ve become genuinely invested a narrow niche’ in fashion and style.  I’m frankly late to the party and have a lot of catching up to do.   It’s all for the best some of the hottest current trends out there actually began in the 70’s.   I began making my own clothing at an early age simply because what was available on the racks didn’t excite or inspire me.  I never once considered that what I was really doing was developing a strong sense of personal style at an early age.  By simply by doing my own thing or making adjustments to items I had purchased I was able to give it my own signature look.   The “encore” phase of life allows many things for me, I now have the time to share the rather unique combinations of timeless style with a touch of current trends that can still work well for mature women.  Using high quality accessories, fine jewelry, along with rich color to create that POP that younger women may be able to achieve in a different way.   You’ll see the heels in my sets are a bit lower, there is less skin showing, there is less “bling.”   I’m in NO way and advocate of a matronly style, mature women can still use color, fit, texture, quality and have fun doing it.    This is a personal journey, I hope you come along with me.

I have never seen myself in the glossy pages of fashion magazines and it never bothered me.  I’ve always worked professionally in very competitive sectors, with confidence, humor, and getting the details right.  If you enjoy the posts in Silver Sister Style blog, please take a moment to let me know that you “get” what I’m trying to create.    c


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